garden design surrey
garden design surrey


Initial Meeting

cherry mills garden designcherry mills garden design surreyIf you are thinking about using a professional garden designer and would like to discuss your requirements, I would be very happy to visit you. The nature of this visit will depend on whether you would like to have on-the-spot advice about ways to improve your garden, or would just like to meet me with a view to commissioning me as your designer. At this meeting I will explain the services I can offer and show you illustrations and photographs of my work. I will then send you a quotation for design work, which will include my initial analysis of your garden and understanding of your brief.


cherry mills garden design surreyEvery design needs to be based on an accurate survey, which will be carried out by myself or a professional surveying company, depending on the size and complexity of the site. Design work starts off with a comprehensive briefing meeting.We will discuss your requirements and I will familiarise myself with your garden.We will talk about current problems and the key areas you would like to change; who will use the garden and how; your preferred styles and practical requirements. I have an extensive library of garden illustrations to assist in this process. I will note the position and orientation of the site and the style of your home. I will take photographs and soil samples to establish the nature and pH of your soil.

With this information, I will present my ideas for your garden and draft a masterplan for the site. All aspects of the evolving design will be discussed with you to ensure that, by the time the design is finished, you understand my proposals and are entirely happy with them.

surrey garden design construction

Garden construction is not the same as constructing a building! There are many diverse elements, apart from excavation, which need to be considered ‑ paving, walling, steps, specialist features, lighting, irrigation, planting etc. All of these are affected by the characteristics of the site and the weather and therefore need careful management.
I have extensive experience of managing this process and working closely with landscaping contractors as my clients’ independent agent. This includes managing the tender process (producing a specification and construction drawings, arranging for contractors to quote, meeting them on site to explain the design) and monitoring activity on site throughout the entire construction period. Any queries or modifications can then be dealt with swiftly and efficiently. I can also oversee contractor payments and ensure that my client is obtaining value for money.

Liaison with Local Authorities

cherry mills garden design surreySome properties are Listed or located in a Conservation area. They may have Preservation Orders on their trees or my design prompts alterations to a driveway or roadside boundary. It may therefore be necessary to submit plans to the local Council and apply for permission to carry out work in the garden. This is a time consuming process and may be off-putting for garden owners. I am experienced in handling this process for my clients and am happy to undertake such work on their behalf.


cherry mills garden design surreycherry mills garden design surreyThis is a key element in the garden. Subtle light can illuminate beautiful planting, features and routes through the garden, enabling you to enjoy it throughout the seasons, from inside as well as outside the house. I work closely with specialist lighting contractors to ensure your new garden is tastefully illuminated.


cherry mills garden design surreycherry mills garden design surreyMost of us are too busy to stand for hours in the garden with a hosepipe every evening during the summer. The installation of an irrigation system will save you time and make sure that your new and valuable plants can survive the summer months. This is increasingly important when we are facing drought conditions and watering restrictions. New systems can be designed to capture and recycle rainwater and grey water from the house.

Swimming Pools and Tennis Courts

cherry mills garden design surreycherry mills garden design surreyLarge gardens often have space for a court or a pool. If this is something you have been thinking about, I can factor these items into the design and arrange the complete tender and construction process. Equally, old pools and courts can be renovated as part of my work.

Specialist Work

cherry mills garden design surreycherry mills garden design surreyEvery garden is unique. I am frequently called upon to design bespoke features, fountains and timber work. I work with specialist companies who can provide the technical know-how to ensure your garden receives a properly specified and expertly constructed individual piece. Your garden may also require the input of experts such as structural engineers and arboriculturalists. I also source from a wide range of furniture, sculpture and ornamental pot suppliers to provide those finishing touches in the garden. Whatever your requirement, I can find a supplier and manage the installation ‑ including septic tanks!


This is the most exciting part of designing and building a garden. The icing on the cake, after what may have been months of construction work. The choice of plants will be determined by the pH of your soil, which I will have tested, the orientation and aspect of the garden, and what we both feel will complement the new scheme. Your preferences on colour and plant shapes will of course be taken into consideration. Planting plans will incorporate any of your existing plants which we feel should be retained or which should be repositioned within the garden. Plans set out in detail the type, quantity and position of every plant that will be required to complete your garden. I will then source each one from specialist suppliers – from the tiniest bulb to semi-mature trees. Specialist nurseries can supply ready-made hedges, large specimen shrubs and trees to give instant maturity to a garden. I check every single item before it is delivered to your garden to ensure it is the correct plant and good quality. I will then personally position the plants and supervise the planting. If, however, you already have a satisfactory layout to your garden and feel that only the planting scheme needs altering, do contact me to discuss how I can help.

cherry mills garden design plan surreycherry mills planting garden design surreycherry mills planting garden design surrey
After Care

cherry mills garden design surreycherry mills garden design surreyOnce a garden has been completed, this is only the beginning! Nature ensures that every garden develops its own character, but this process needs managing.
Not every garden owner is a keen or knowledgeable gardener and the prospect of being left in charge of new garden can be daunting. I can help by providing maintenance schedules, finding you a gardener or by offering you on-going advice. I can also return whenever you may feel your garden needs have changed and would like some design input.

Special Events

cherry mills garden design surreycherry mills garden design surreyOne of the services I can also provide for clients is to prepare their gardens for special events such as parties or weddings. This may involve a make-over of existing key areas or can include the hiring of containerised shrubs just for the occasion.

Commercial Services

cherry mills garden design surreyI frequently work with property developers seeking to enhance the value of their developments or fulfil Local Authority requirements by designing the grounds of a new house. I also work closely with architects who need specialist garden design expertise for high value new homes they are designing for their clients.